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Introducing APYSwap Product Matrix

1 Bridges

Multidirectional bridges between all supported blockchains is the connective element bringing the ecosystem together.

2 Marketplaces

A set of marketplaces, specialized in selling multi-chain APY products to the end user.

3 Vaults

Vaults are a way to group different kinds of assets, which can be tokenized, moved from one blockchain to another, bought and sold on marketplaces.

4 Oracles

When assets are being exchanged across the blockchains it is very important for all the participants in the ecosystem to be able to estimate the value of said assets. This is where our oracles will help.

Use Case: Easy Participation in DeFi

Consider a very simple case of a user participation in liquidity farming. To make it happen, the user needs to have a sufficient amount of assets on the source blockchain, deposit them to the liquidity pool, lock liquidity tokens and move them into the management contract. This requires a lot of expertise and half a dozen transactions or more.
With APYSwap it is a simple matter of one cheap transaction on the APYSwap’s marketplace.

Use Case: Easy Participation in DeFi Use Case: Easy Participation in DeFi

Use Case: NFT tokenization

NFT assets are a new and exciting investment opportunity. However, one of the problems with them is price, which is frequently out of reach for the common crypto user. With APYSwap Vaults a single NFT asset or a whole collection can be tokenized and become available on one of the marketplaces. Furthermore, APYSwap pioneered the tools to transfer NFTs from one chain to another by utilizing our tokenized vault technology.

Use Case: NFT tokenization

Use Case: Quick Liquidation

It is a common task for DeFi users to be able to liquidate a portion of their assets to get out a particular amount in stable coins. Regularly it can be a daunting task involving rate conversion, fee estimations and multiple transactions execution. With APYSwap it is a quick simple task of selling one of the assets on the marketplace or, with the marketplace supporting portfolio management, even a simpler case of giving an automated manager a task of transferring a part of the portfolio into a stable coin.

Use Case: Quick Liquidation